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Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Prado's Workshop

Añadido el 16 de abril de 2009
Autor:María del Prado García Benítez
Centro:Campo de Calatrava
Localidad:Miguelturra (Ciudad Real)

Entry list

  • Added February 19, 2018
  • 13 February is World Radio Day,a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information, freedom of expression and gender equality over the airwaves. Radio is the mass media reaching the wides audience in the world. It is also recognised as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium.
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  • I was too busy last year and published only in another of my blogs, for my pupils. Now I´ll try not to give up and go on writing. So have a look at this linkThis link opens in a popup window to know what happened in the United Kingdom last 2016. Tras casi un año sin publicar en este blog, echa un vistazo a las imágenes del enlace de modo que puedas recordar lo ocurrido en Gran Bretaña el pasado año.
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  • David Bowie, the chamaleon rock legend, has died aged 69 after battling cancer in secret during 18 months. His last video shows him in a hospital bed while singing "I´m in heaven"... a premonition of his death? DavidThis link opens in a popup window was a pop genius, a perennial rebel who sent the message "be strong enough to be yourself". Personally I was a fan and I´m very sad to hear of his death. David Bowie, your spirit will live forever.
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  • Read the article from this British newspaper This link opens in a popup windowand think about it.
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  • Considered one of the best America's playwrights of 20th century, he was born on 17 October 1915 in New York. Probably he is well known because he married Marilyn Monroe but Arthur Miller is more important for his work: he explored the issue that plagued the American society in early 20th century and through his best playwrights, "Death of a Salesman", "The Crucible" and "All my sons" he deconstructed the idea of the American Dream, class and race. El pasado 17 de octubre se celebró el centenario de la muerte de uno de los escritores americanos más importantes: Arthur Miller, autor que le dió la vuelta al sueño americano y a las ideas de clase y raza de la sociedad americana.
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  • After having a holiday break, these are the most important news in my opinion: let´s have a look!
                                                                         Is this Anne Boleyn's ghost?
    A tourist who was visiting the childhood home of the beheaded queen, Hever Castle, captured a spooky image of what he claims is her ghost and in the photo we can see a hand with a long finger pointing towards the chimmney and the tourist thought there is something important historically inside the fireplace. Look at the photos and think about the building that Anne haunts.
    Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain's longest-reigning Monarch: 
    Her Majesty became queen at 25 and at 89, she had ruled for 23,226 days. The first Queen Elizabeth gave her name to an age, as did Victoria, in an ever more powerful kingdom. But this is not going to be the legacy of this Elizabeth, who has reigned over Britain's long transition from Empire to Commonwealth, from world power to relative international insignificance.
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  • Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambrigde, gave birth  on Saturday May 2 to a baby girl whose name will be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana...but will she rule England one day? Of course she will because the sixteen countries belonging to the Commonwealth agreed on abandoning male preference on succession. Moreover, Roman Catholics are excluded no more. This happened in 2011 so the new little princess takes number 4 for succession to the British Throne. If you are interested, click on successionThis link opens in a popup window.
    Los británicos ya tienen nueva princesita: el matrimonio entre Guillerno y Kate, en abril de 2011, puso sobre la mesa el tema de la sucesión al trono de Inglaterra, ya que hasta entonces, cualquier hija nacida del duque y la duquesa de Cambrigde no habría disfrutado del derecho al trono. Así pues los líderes de los 16 países de la Commonwealth, cuya jefa de estado es la reina Isabel II, acordaron la igualdad de los derechos al trono para hijos e hijas de los monarcas británicos, así como el derecho a contraer matrimonio con alguien católico romano, algo que no estaba permitido. Para más información pincha en este enlaceThis link opens in a popup window.
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  • The "Teddy Bear Hospital" (TBH) is a Public Health project for 3-6 year old children and its aim is to avoid children´s fear of doctors and hospitals. The project tries to familiarize children in a friendly atmosphere in a hospital: children are now the parents of their teddy bear and are responsible for their sick little friends taking care of these unusual patients.
    Most teddy bears have fractures of legs and arms and when the doctor writes a prescription, the child can get some "medicine" sweets in the TBH pharmacy.
    El Hospital de los ositos de peluche es un proyecto con el que se pretende que los niños pierdan el miedo a médicos y hospitales haciéndoles partícipes de la salud de sus pequeños pacientes.
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  • These days we have been shocked by the plane catastrophy of Germanwings (I'm sincerely sorry for it)but this blog tries to approach to news related to the UK and the USA mainly. If you are fan of Easter eggs you should pay attention to this: Fotnum and Mason have created the scotch egg made with meat of venison mixed with dark chocolate and berries to make the Chotch Egg. Do you want to try it?
     But let´s have a look at the English tradition of giving eggs at Easter clicking on the image below.
    And if you want to do some activities there are some of them included in the page. Have a nice Easter!
    ¿Sabes de dónde viene la tradición de regalar huevos de chocolate en Pascua? Pues pincha en la imagen de los huevos de Pascua y averígualo.
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