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Sunday, November 27, 2022


English Blog IES Consaburum

Añadido el 28 de noviembre de 2008
Autor:Lois García Carballido
Localidad:Consuegra (Toledo)

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  • Añadido el 18 de marzo de 2009

    Interesting websites to practise grammar: these websites are great because they let you write and then you can check your answers. This is one of the best ways to learn grammar, it's a question of trial and error.

    You should begin with those exercises which teach you the grammar form, and then go on to the ones which contrast two tenses, for example present simple and present progressive.
    http://www.ego4u.com/Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva
    www.englisch-hilfen.de/enEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva
    http://usuarios.lycos.es/englishweb/grammar.htmlEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva (type "mado sanchez" in Google to get here)
    http://www.isabelperez.com/grammar.htmEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva

    http://www.wordreference.com/Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva

    Enjoy yourself as you learn! DIY stands for Do It Yourself (Hazlo tú mismo)

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  • Añadido el 22 de enero de 2009

    YAPPR, videos with English script to learn in an easy and funny way.
    Nothing else matters,Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva by Metallica.
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  • Choose which of the following versions of the classic The Twelve Days of Christmas is your favourite to sing along with family and friends. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
    Traditional or Rock-style?
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  • Featuring: WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE on stem cells. A MODEL ESSAY ON



    There exists a widespread controversy over human embryonic stem cell research that emanates from the techniques used in the creation and usage of stem cells. Human embryonic stem cellEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva research is controversial because, with the present state of technology, starting a stem cell lineEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva requires the destruction of a human embryoEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva and/or therapeutic cloningEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva.


    However, recently, it has been shown in principle that adult stem cell lines can be manipulated to generate embryonic-like stem cell lines using a single-cell biopsy similar to that used in preimplantation genetic diagnosisEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva that may allow stem cell creation without embryonic destruction.[32]Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva It is not the entire field of stem cell research, but the specific field of human embryonic stem cell research that is at the centre of an ethical debate.

    Opponents of the research argue that embryonic stem cell technologies are a
    slippery slopeEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva to reproductive cloningEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva and can fundamentally devalue human life. Those in the pro-lifeEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva movement argue that a human embryo is a human life and is therefore entitled to protection.


    Contrarily, supporters of embryonic stem cell research argue that such research should be pursued because the resultant treatments could have significant medical potential. It is also noted that excess embryos created for in vitro fertilizationEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva could be donated with consent and used for the research.


    The ensuing debate has prompted authorities around the world to seek regulatory frameworks and highlighted the fact that stem cell research represents a socialEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva and ethicalEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva challenge.
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  • In order to keep your blog, set up an e-mail address which does not reveal your true identity.
    Although you don't reveal it, the police can find out who you are, so be responsible for what you write on the blog: never post anything offensive to people who you know, specially teachers: what you do online can get you into real trouble in your real life.
    Think about the future: even if you don't think the content in your blog compromises you now, it could eventually do so.
    Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone that you have met online.
    Never post pictures of yourself to people you do not personally know.
    Never give out identifying information such as address, personal e-mail or phone number.
    Never download pictures from an unknown source, as there is a good chance they will portray pornography or violence. The Google Image search engine is normally free from this content.
    Never respond to messages or bulletin board postings that are suggestive, obscene, belligerent, or harassing.
    Be suspicious of information you see online-it may or may not be true.
    Don't let your online life substitute your contact with the outside world: keep meeting friends, talk to and hug your friends and relatives.
    Don't spend long periods of time online, especially at night. Share with your parents everything you learn online. Don't hesitate to ask teachers for help.
    Don't rush to be an adult, it's fun being a teenager. You'll eventually turn 18 and you will be able to access all that now is not recommended for you.
    Never accept mail, gifts, money or packages from someone you don't know. Don't let adults other than your parents refill your mobile phone credit.
    Show your parents your progress with the new technologies, show them you can keep your own blog: they will be proud of you.
    Never try to pretend you are someone else, using other people's identity: this is a crime, so this can get you into serious trouble.

    Tips for creating your own http://www.FICTIONALNAME.blogspot.com/Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva blog.
    Go to blogspot.com and follow the instructions. You will need a valid gmail account, remember to use a professional one which does not reveal you identity.
    Choose different layouts and start writing!

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    The mistake or un-English sentence comes first, the proposed English expression of the same idea follows:
    The mobile phone is more important for the people. MISTAKE
    Mobile phones are really important for us. PROPOSED CORRECTION
    You can use the mobile phone to locate somebody.
    You can use the mobile phone to get a hold of / stay within reach of somebody.

    1. The children of now like mobiles
      young children today like mobiles

    2. It allows that he can establish contact with friends.
      It lets him get in touch with friends.

    3. The headphones to listen to music make in the future to have ear problems.
      The headphones we use to listen to music on the phone may eventually cause hearing problems.

    4. It is only for important things.
      It is for important matters only.

    5. Children can be located by fathers.
      Children can stay within the reach of their parents.
      Children learn to talk bad.
      Children get used to bad spelling and syntax.

    6. They abandon the relationship with the people of their years.
      They may stop relating to children their same age.

    7. They shouldn’t have mobile phones becouse is damaging for their live.
      They shouldn’t have mobile phones, since they are too negative for their childhood.

    8. He is only eight-years.
      He is just eight years old / eight / an eight-year-old.

    9. You can know where is your kid wherever you like.
      You will know where your little ones are whenever you want to.

    10. With only eight or nine years old.
      When they are just eight or nine.

    11. Mobile phones shouldn’t be for children because they hadn’t head for handle them.
      (Cutting-edge) mobile phones aren’t made for children because they are not sensible enough to use all of their functions properly.

    12. The advantages that have mobile phones are that …
      The advantages that mobile phones have …

    13. Many people buy a mobile phone to their sons …
      Many people buy a mobile phone to their children / offspring …

    14. In spite of the children are very small.
      Although the children are very small.

    15. You will can better control your son…
      You will be able to control your son better…

    16. Many people think that little children would have mobile phones for their parents can vigilate them.
      It is usually believed that / Many people think that … little children should have mobile phones so that parents can WATCH / KEEP AN EYE on their loved ones.

    17. They aren’t responsable for using mobile phones.
      They aren’t responsible enough to know how to use a mobile phone wisely.

    18. But if you have an age like me, I am seventeen years old,…
      However, if you’re seventeen like me …

    19. Parents mustn’t buy a mobile phone for children, just for emergencies.
      Parents shouldn’t buy a cutting-edge cell phone, just a simple mobile phone for emergencies.

    20. Children stay in his home
      Children stay at home / stay in

    21. He goes with other adult
      He goes outside with another adult

    22. Young people prefer the video game before that a game of street
      Young people prefer video games to street games / playing video games rather than playing outside

    23. In this essay appear a daily situation.
      In this essay we have to tackle a controversial / current / hot topic today:

    24. These are the aptitudes more simples of the mobile phones of today. Moreover, it has got internet, camera of photos, plays…
      These are just the plain functions every phone includes, though most contemporary phones boast a video and photo camera, mp3 player and even provide you with access to the Internet

    25. … in spite of in really they are secondary functions
      Although they are actually secondary functions
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