Materia: Matemáticas
Nivel Educativo: PRIMARIA, E.S.O.
Idioma: English
Pensado para: 5th - 6th Primary Education / 1st - 2nd Secondary Education
Tipo de Recurso: Interactive Presentation

Robotics 2Imagen en alta resolución. Este enlace se abrirá mediante lightbox, puede haber un cambio de contextoInformation and Communication Technologies have become a fundamental piece for the improvement of educational quality, since they represent a definitive methodological change. Our current regulatory framework strongly supports their widespread incorporation into the education system. For this reason, we will use “Robotics and Programming” as an interdisciplinary tool to develop different skills and proficiencies in our students. Various studies have shown improvement in logical reasoning, problem solving, teamwork ability, or increased motivation.

With this second unit of work, we will start a small project that will consist of creating a simple game. We will do it through the “Scratch” programming tool. This project will be developed gradually over the following work units, this being the first one.

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