Materia: Plástica
Nivel Educativo: PRIMARIA, E.S.O.
Idioma: English
Pensado para: 5th - 6th Primary Education / 1st - 2nd Secondary Education
Tipo de Recurso: Interactive Presentation

AlarcónImagen en alta resolución. Este enlace se abrirá mediante lightbox, puede haber un cambio de contextoIn 1994, in the old and desacralized Church of Alarcón, Jesús Mateo (1971) developed the first sketches that would shape the Murals of Alarcón. With absolute freedom and an unusual creative power, he was shaping a project with a unique plastic identity, based on Nature and Man as pretexts to configure a personal and committed universe. On December 3, 1997, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) granted official sponsorship of Alarcón's wall paintings, declaring them of world artistic interest. According to the author, his work, completed in 2002, expresses worlds prior to the presence of man on Earth, the origins of life, dreams, the illuminated cavern, the celestial vault, anguish, life and its finitude, with an expressive contemporary formal language of great drama.

In this Work Unit, students will be able to navigate through Virtual Reality through a 360º visit, increase their knowledge through texts or videos about the author's work, or develop a series of qualitative evaluation activities.


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