Materia: Geografía
Nivel Educativo: PRIMARIA, E.S.O.
Idioma: English
Pensado para: 10 to 14 years.
Tipo de Recurso: Interactive Presentation

WindmillsImagen en alta resolución. Este enlace se abrirá mediante lightbox, puede haber un cambio de contextoThe Windmills are one of the main elements of the Cultural and Social Heritage of our region, surpassing our borders and being known worldwide. Their popularity comes mainly from the universal "Don Quixote de la Mancha", but they were complex machines of great utility centuries ago, playing an important value in the transformation of wheat into flour.

Today we can find many restored Windmills in our region, being visitable and having great interest from both a cultural and technological point of view, which makes them a learning scenario for our students.

In this Work Unit, students will be able to navigate through Virtual Reality through a 360º visit, increase their knowledge through interactive images, or check what they have learned through highly motivating evaluation dynamics.

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